$90/hour + 40 call out fee?? How long will it take? 1 hour, 2 hour?

Transfervans’ pricing model is nothing like that! We offer you a fixed price so you know exactly how much your delivery will end up costing you.

Transfervans is an online booking platform that connects customers with owners of vans and trucks in Auckland. With our network of professional and independent movers we can almost guarantee that someone will be available to help you with your stuff anytime and anywhere. Get an instant quote for free on our website now!

Transfervans is up to 40% cheaper than our competitors in the Auckland market. We provide you with transparent and fixed price - not an estimate that might escalate. You can book your delivery through our convenient and secure website.

We can offer a guaranteed price with no call out fee. How do we do that? Using Our unique platform-optimized pricing model, we can produce a highly accurate price that reflects the nature of the job.

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