Trade Me / Online Purchase Pickup and Delivery

Just won an auction on Trade Me? Use the Transfervans platform to find an available van or truck to get your purchase delivered immediately or whenever you prefer. Service available in Auckland and other cities coming soon.

Transfervans is an online platform that connects customers in need of facilitating a delivery with independent owners of vans and trucks - similar to Trade Me who connects buyers and sellers. Transfervans has the largest network of independent trucks and vans registered in Auckland, which means we can almost guarantee that someone will be available to deliver your newly purchased item anytime and anywhere. Try us out by getting an instant quote for free on our website, then pay online and your delivery will be on its way in no time!

Men with a truck in Auckland

Transfervans is up to 40% cheaper than our competitors. We provide you with a transparent and fixed price - not an estimate that might escalate once the delivery is underway. You can book your delivery through our convenient and secure website.

According to Trade Me, sending and calculating shipping costs is the number-one issue for customers! We agree!

You just bought a new bbq, garden furniture, sofa, bed, mattress, table or drawer on Trade Me and you need to get it home. First you wonder if it fits in your car, but it doesn’t. Then you ask your network on Facebook if you know someone who owns a trailer, but nobody replies. You investigate how much it is to rent a truck, but rental comes out too expensive. Finally you consider using a professional delivery company but they are not available when you want it delivered. These are all good reasons why you should consider Transfervans. We take the hassle out of organising deliveries!

Transfervans is cheap, convenient, transparent and safe to use.

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