Steps to a Stress-Free Home Move

Moving your home from one place to another is one of the most stressful possible aspects of our home life. Not only is it a whole lot of work, it also places you in a state of prolonged limbo in which nothing falls into place until you finally settle into your new home.

Preparing for a move is a delicate art, and there are many steps you can take to make the move easier and more organized to ensure that your everyday life keeps ticking over instead of grinding to a halt due to the surrounding disarray. Here’s a few moving tricks you can use during your next relocation to reduce your stress and keep everything under control.

Get rid of the unnecessary

We all tend to amass a large number of items we don’t necessarily need, and don’t always think to get rid of them, instead simply leaving them to gather dust in some corner of our home. Moving is a good time to do away with any unwanted baggage, be it your clothes, old furniture, outdated appliances, or any other thing you will rarely or never use in your new home. Anything you leave behind is one less item to pack and transport. And don’t forget to be strict! If you have to consider whether you will need something in the future or not, the answer is probably no.

Pack a Survival Kit

As soon as you land into your new home, there will be a number of “essential” items you will wish to use immediately. It might be your coffee maker, your comfiest clothes, your shower kit, or anything else that will help you relax after a day of hard work - whatever it is, you will want it close at hand and easy to reach. Instead of rummaging through boxes for every individual item, plan ahead and think of everything you may need at the very start and pack it all into a separate “survival kit” box. Then simply keep a close eye on the box to have it ready when needed.

Eliminate unnecessary work

When packing for a move, there is a number things that people tend to do that are completely unnecessary. For instance, you don’t need to empty all your shelves, particularly those containing clothes and cutlery. Instead of wasting time on emptying and repackaging their contents, simply leave them where they are and ensure that they are safely secured so that nothing gets lost or damaged (duct tape will be your best friend in this process). Same goes for your clothes on hangers - instead of removing them and packing them separately, simply cover them with a plastic bag - hanger and all.

Go small

It is common for people to try and pack all items from a same group to a single container. This may not be the most practical solution, as it can often leave you with large heavy boxes that are difficult to transport. Instead, try parceling items into smaller groupings and packing them into smaller, more convenient boxes. As an additional trick, use a box cutter to cut holes in boxes and create “handles” that will make them easier to carry.

Bring reinforcements

Moving your entire inventory of belongings is a physically grueling task. Even if you have the necessary logistics (a transfer vehicle and enough man power), it’s still perhaps for the best to let someone else do the heavy lifting. Do some research and find a moving van and crew to transfer all your belongings from your former home to the new one. Your muscles will thank you.

Keep it fun

Packing and preparing for your move is time consuming work, so try and keep things light with an upbeat playlist that will keep the spirits up through the boring, yet necessary work. If you want to push things even further, you can also devise games and competitions with your helpers. It will relieve some of the work stress and inspire some good old camaraderie.

Your home move will undoubtedly bring along a certain amount of stress and fatigue, but with just a few little steps you can ensure a smooth and carefree process.

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