Self Storage In & Out

Need to get or put something in your storage in or near Auckland? Transfervans got you covered. We do deliveries on-demand, whenever you need it.

You’ve just come back from overseas and want to get your stuff out of the storage straight away. Transfervans is specialised in storage pick-ups and drop-offs, so we’ll help you out for a low fee.

Transfervans is an online platform that connects customers with independent owners of vans and trucks. With our network of professional and independent movers we can move your stuff and we can almost guarantee that someone will be available to help you with your storage move anytime and anywhere. Get an instant quote for free on our website now!

Transfervans is up to 40% cheaper than our competitors. We provide you with a transparent and fixed price - not an estimate that might escalate later. You can book your delivery through our convenient and secure website.

Transfervans can move anything from a studio to apartment/ flat, up to a two bedroom house within Auckland. Using our pricing engine, we can help you generate an instant fixed quote. This way, you can always be sure the price will always be right before booking. Transfervans have the biggest network of trucks and vans available, which means we can help you with your storage at any time you like. Sunday afternoon? No problem, we have got you covered!

Book us now and get rid of your stress!