Hiring Help for a Small-Scale Move in Auckland

The most popular type of relocation is a full house move, but often there will be times when you’ll need the assistance of professional movers to transport small loads, as well. Now, renting a large truck to move just a few suitcases, an appliance, or single piece of large furniture is excessive. On the other hand, it can be a little daunting to move heavy furniture on your own, in addition to being dangerous. Luckily, there are companies that have services perfectly suited to these types of small house moves in Auckland, which will remove stress from the equation, save you time – all that at quite an affordable rate.

You may not have a lot of items, but professional movers can be especially helpful when moving long-distance. It’s also important to have experienced helpers, a suitable vehicle, the right equipment and supplies, whether you are moving a couple of boxes or, say, a grand piano. Even if you only have a few items, always ask companies for a moving quote to ensure that your belongings are in good hands.

Great reasons for using small-scale movers in Auckland

Small-scale moving services are often required for the following scenarios:

  • Moving to or from a dormitory
  • Small studio apartment moves
  • Temporary moves for personal or business requirements
  • Transporting items to and from a storage unit
  • Delivering store-bought furniture
  • Relocating furniture sets and household appliances

In addition to the aforementioned list, certain Auckland movers, as the guys behind Transfervans, can even arrange the immediate delivery of Trade Me purchases, which takes the hassle out of organising deliveries, and gives the added benefit of transparent and upfront pricing.

How to choose a good moving company in Auckland

You should always pay attention when you choose which moving company to go with. These should be your principal criteria:

  • It’s always a good idea to get quotes as the price differences can vary significantly between companies. Do your research and find the best solution for you.
  • Conduct background checks on the potential companies in order to determine those that are really reputable. Checking reviews for on-time deliveries and safely delivered items will be of considerable help here.
  • Sort through your belongings beforehand - sell, recycle, and give away anything that you don’t need anymore. This will not only make moving easier but will give you a wider choice of vehicles and services.

Whichever company you choose, remember to keep an inventory of your items, and label the boxes well to ensure a smooth transition.

How to be smart about the costs of a small move in Auckland

To keep costs down, you should do a bit of preparatory work beforehand. Calculate how much space you will actually need in order to avoid paying for unused space, and be sure to consult with companies if there are very large, heavy or irregular shaped items that may take up extra space. By taking the time to plan, you will avoid any potential issues whilst packing and loading into the vehicle. Also, by picking the right sized vehicle for the move, you only have to transport your belongings once, this can be crucial for long distance moves.

Finding a company that gives an all-inclusive quote is a must. The price should include everything from the vehicle, fuel, hourly expenses, insurance, drivers, team members, as well as the cost of materials and equipment. It’s wise to discuss pricing and availability with a credible company in case you require temporary storage - get their opinions and advice to help coordinate your moving endeavor, and to help keep costs down.

Transfervans is a fine example of a friendly company that offers very affordable and efficient moving services to suit a range of needs, also boasting an extensive network of experienced movers to ensure availability and reliability. Our man with a van service is great for a variety of needs, including collecting your recently purchased furniture from a store and delivering it safely to your door. This can get you out of a tricky situation if you don’t have the right-sized vehicle for the job, or simply lack experience in safely packaging and transporting a large or heavy item.

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