Office Relocation Company in Auckland: How to Choose the Right Pros for the Job

Relocating your business can feel like an enormous challenge. Most likely, the task has sat on your list of things to do for a very long time. After finding a prime spot for the relocation, the next important decision will be deciding which moving company to use. Seasoned office moving pros will make the moving process seamless for all of the departments and the employees involved, no matter their position within the business structure.

The company will put their vast experience to good use in order to be very efficient and cost-effective in this process. Let’s learn how to find the right office relocation company in Auckland for your office move.

Do your research on the potential companies for office relocation in Auckland

The best way to start is by looking at the office relocation companies’ customer history. Take some time to find relevant reviews and make sure that they are a licensed moving company with valid insurance.

It’s likely that any businesses that have been about for a while will have a couple of not-so-great reviews lurking in their history, we all make mistakes and these are key moments to learn from and improve upon in the future.

The key here is to seek out common themes where there are several complaints about damaged or broken equipment, workers being inefficient, schedules being derailed from planning, or communication issues: in these cases, you can move on with your search to find a reliable moving company for your office move in Auckland.

Evaluate their experience and number of years in business

If an office relocation company has been in business many years, this shows that they are a serious business able to survive through tough economic periods. It’s important though to consider how many years’ experience they have when it comes to your specific needs.

The amount of times a company has completed these types of moves is also a factor when considering how experienced they really are, as a different kind of knowledge and tools are needed when disassembling office equipment, transporting it, and then reassembling the whole office compared with moving residential customers. Certain pros, as this Auckland moving company, have plenty of experience in these fields.

Assess how supportive an office moving company will be through their customer service

Whether you are moving parts of your office, or the whole room: planning, communication, and time will be required. The office relocation company that you choose to move your equipment must be able to guide you through the entirety of the process; information should be clear and should be provided in a timely manner.

Reliable customer support is also a must when choosing an Auckland moving company - they should be easy to reach whilst in the planning phase which will indicate a cooperative partnership to come, able to problem solve, and reconcile differences.

Seek out a custom quote when necessary

Getting a quote online can be a quick and accurate way of getting an estimate for residential customers, with offices though results may vary. You may have specialist equipment requiring extra care, or extra time may be needed to assemble it. In these cases, the one-size-fits-all idea doesn't work and a custom quote would be required.

The same would go for a workday move or a situation where you would be moving several small spaces or offices over time; there would be the added challenge of keeping the business running while moving certain areas one by one. A simple weekend move or a move during the holidays would require less coordination and in Auckland you can get an all-inclusive office relocation quote online from a moving company as Transfervans.

Be aware of what is included

When obtaining a quote, it’s important to understand how the office relocation company in Auckland evaluates its pricing. Price may be based on an hourly rate but also by overall volume. Calculate the overall business expenses for the move and be sure to get an invoice in order to offset the costs.

You should also find out about additional costs such as:

  • The handling of large and heavy items
  • The handling of specialist items
  • The cost of equipment and packaging supplies
  • Whether disassembly and reassembly are included
  • The fees surrounding postponement and cancelation

Be sure to compare the total cost and the breakdown of fees in order to make the best decision for your business needs.

Relocating your office to a new place is not a laughing matter. Yet, choosing the right office movers in Auckland for the job will make for a smooth transition, without any interruption to your business activities.