Transfervans For Retailers

The Problem

Let's face it, the current standard of delivery of furniture and bulky items in Auckland is far from great.

It's slow: Customers want to enjoy their purchase the same day, but currently have to wait 3-4 days on average in Auckland before being delivered.

It's inconvenient: Delivery times are often scheduled at uncertain time within a 4 hour window, forcing customers to wait at home, and in many cases to take a day off work.

It negatively impacts sales: It can be such a headache for some customers that sales aren’t completed; It also takes time and effort for you, whereas you should focus on sales!

How We Benefit Retailers?

Transfervans removes the hassle of dealing with deliveries, so that you can concentrate on your business!

Results in more sales: convert shoppers more easily!

Saves admin time and resources

Increases customer satisfaction