Life Saving Tips for Moving a Sleeper Sofa

We all know the importance a quality sleeper sofa can have in a home. From the comfort of lazy TV evenings, to the busy social gatherings, and all the way to emergency assistance in case of unexpected sleepovers, a comfortable sofa can be the multifunctional centerpiece of an apartment.

Unlike some other aspects of life, with sleeper sofas size does matter. Unfortunately, that makes them a bit problematic when it’s time to move them from one place to another. Moving a large piece of furniture is a fine art, usually mastered through trial and error. Making mistakes can result not just in a lot of frustration, but can also lead to physical injury to the furniture or the house structure, as well as physical injuries and aches for the carriers. This is why it is best to approach any such situations with due planning and preparation, in order to avoid any unwanted events.

Still, there is a number of steps you can take to ensure that your sofa bed transport is as painless and carefree as possible, and we will go through those steps over the following lines.

Know your enemy

So, your oversized sofa needs to be moved, but first you must find a way for it to lose some weight and girth. Dismantling the sofa is often necessary, but always welcome, as it will make transport far easier. Before you get down to the business of taking it apart, you must first know exactly what you’re dealing with. Sofa beds come in many shapes and sizes, with a variety of pull-out mechanisms in place.

Cushions and pillows are generally not attached to the basic bed construction, and can be easily removed. Once you detach all auxiliary parts, you must figure out how the pull-out mechanism is attached to the bed frame. Turn the sofa on its side and remove the dust cover so that you can examine the bottom. Most commonly, the fold-out construction is attached to the bottom with a variety of bolts. Once you loosen those, the only thing left to do is to fasten the folding mechanism with strong rope or bungee cords in order to prevent it from opening mid-transport, and you can safely move the bed frame and the mechanism separately.

If you’re having trouble detaching the fold-out mechanism from the bed frame, then at least add some additional ties between the mechanism and the bed frame to make sure that it doesn’t open during the move. And if the sofa can’t fit through the door and you can’t dismantle it, then the solution is to simply hire a furniture removalist. Aside from financial considerations, there is no other downside to hiring professional help, as this step will ensure that the furniture is handled in the safest and most efficient manner, by experienced workers who know every trick in the book.

Clear the traffic

Due to their weight and bulk, sofa beds are quite difficult to transport. They are difficult to squeeze through doors and narrow hallways, and they tend to become heavier the longer you have to carry them.Ideally, you’d want it moved as quickly as possible. The best way to achieve that is to plan beforehand and make sure to avoid any obstacles. Clear out the path beforehand and make sure that there’s no small furniture to trip over or block your path once you begin to carry. Try to obtain tools such as furniture slides and strollers that will ease the burden across flat surfaces. If the move involves turning corners or carrying up and down a flight of stairs, it is a good idea to have a run-through beforehand in order to predict how exactly you will carry the sofa and plan all the necessary angles and turns.

Outside-the-box solution

Finally, there is an alternative route you should consider moving. If your trusty old sofa bed has already had a long and illustrious career, or if you don’t fancy it too much, or simply need a change, or don’t want to bother with the effort of transport, you can always donate it to a friend or an institution in need of furniture. Not only will you commit a charitable deed, but also skip all the hard work.

Hopefully, these guidelines will make your next move a little bit easier and ensure that your favorite piece of furniture is settled quickly into your new home.

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