Moving Heavy Furniture in Auckland: Why Is Hiring Pros the Way to Go

Moving home or apartment in Auckland can be exhilarating as you get to look forward to living in your new neighbourhood, the chance to encounter new people, and quite simply to experience something new. If you are not prepared for the actual process of moving heavy furniture in Auckland, then all this wonderful excitement will come to an abrupt stop.

Even those that feel they are skilled packers can use a helping hand. After all, there is a significant difference between packing general household items and clothing, and specialty items of high-value, and heavy furniture. A much better solution than causing yourself injury, damaging your belongings, or even your residence, is to hire professional Auckland movers to handle all the heavy lifting. Here’s why pros the way to go.

It’s dangerous to lift and transport heavy items

Serious injury can be caused by lifting heavy furniture if you are not using proper lifting techniques and have a lack of experience. Inexperienced movers are at risk of receiving numerous injuries which can include: pulled muscles, back sprains, elbow and wrist injuries, crushed fingers and toes, and most regrettably even spinal injuries.

That’s why it’s important to allow an experienced team of furniture movers to use their strength and skills to lift and transfer your heavy items. Strength is not necessarily the only asset that professional movers will utilise; they are well trained and experienced, and have the right equipment for the job which makes a world of difference. That’s where people attempting to move their own large and heavy items will ultimately fall short, they underestimate the skills required for the job and will put themselves at unnecessary risk.

It would be heartbreaking to damage your belongings

Skill is required when moving family heirlooms, priceless antiques, and heavy items. The level of skill needed goes much beyond the realms of simple lifting and carrying. You should trust your belongings to serious pros because the last thing you need to happen is that something breaks during your move.

As the costs for buying materials such as bubble wrap and boxes for packing can really add up, you’d be best advised to rely on a two men and a truck service in Auckland that will supply all that is necessary to safely wrap, pack, protect, and transport your precious possessions.

Added benefits of hiring professionals include:

  • Saving you time organising
  • Saving you time packing
  • Speeding up the actual moving process
  • Being able to move in one trip rather than making several journeys
  • Allowing you to relax knowing that your belongings are in good hands
  • Not having to find extra or bigger vehicles
  • Not having to find extra people to assist which can be a big ask

Inadvertent damage to properties can be costly

Have you made a fool-proof plan which will enable you to safely and effectively move your specialty items and heavy furniture out of your old residence and into your new one? Damage can occur to floors, walls, ceilings, and doorways if you are not adequately prepared to navigate around tight corners, stairwells, and narrow hallways.

Experienced household and apartment movers in Auckland understand that things like coverings on doorways and stairways are standard procedure, and to avoid costly floor repairs will use cardboard runners for protection.

What the pros can do for you

A spacious truck and two strong men will take care of all your moving needs, allowing you to take a breath of relief and enjoy the process of moving. After all, it is a new chapter in your life with new beginnings and new opportunities, and thus, should be viewed as a joyous occasion, and experienced as such.

This well-trained team can help you with the following items and types of moves with ease:

  • Furniture delivery
  • Lounge suite delivery
  • Bedroom delivery
  • Bed and mattress delivery
  • Large sofa delivery
  • Heavy appliance delivery
  • Trade Me purchases delivery
  • Full house moves
  • Full office moves

As a friendly and expert moving service, you can count on Transfervans for reliable and safe furniture delivery in Auckland. We’ll carefully handle all the heavy lifting and specialty packing for your upcoming move and ensure the safe transportation of your belongings. You can fill out our easy online form to get a quote for moving heavy furniture in Auckland from our local moving specialists which only takes a few short moments.

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