Man and a Van Vs. a Full Removal Service in Auckland: How to Tell What You Need

In New Zealand, well over a thousand people move home, office location, or safely transport single items with the help of professional removal services every day. After all, it’s a real challenge transporting many belongings, or even just a few heavy items on your own.

As experienced Auckland movers, we understand the benefits of planning and being organised. A useful tool in planning is to consider the types of items you need to move. By comparing the two types of services below, a man and a van in Auckland or a full removal service in Auckland, it will become clear which one is right for you.

Understanding the two services

Often these two services are viewed as competitors, but each can serve a particular and necessary purpose. Conveniently, both services can be found under our roof.

If you only have a few belongings to move, a man with a van is usually the most suitable solution. This is a popular and practical choice for students relocating to, or from university.

Usually, only a few boxes need to be packed, as students will normally retain enough items for one room, sharing the other amenities with the rest of the students in the dorm. Single items can also be transported and an extra team member can be hired to assist.

On the other hand, full removal services would suit complete properties (homes or businesses) that have a lot of belongings, and also heavy and large items. Two expert team members will always be present to take care of everything, and traveling long distance is not a problem.

Questions which will help you decide

Are you relocating far away?

Short distances A to B are not a problem for a man and a van in Auckland, but for longer distances (especially when moving country) full removal services would usually be the best option.

Are there any items that need special attention?

Our well-trained teams can safely pack any delicate antiques or expensive items, assuring you peace of mind. You can even get assistance from a second man in the van for larger or heavier items such as fridges and sofas. This is often required on small house moves in Auckland.

Are there some large items?

For larger items, more space will be required and it’s really handy to have two professionals to take care of them. Our hand-picked two-man team and 22 cubic metre truck will be perfect for such a job.

Do you plan on getting your hands dirty?

By getting involved with a few boxes and assisting with larger items you can get a lot done with a man and a van. If you would rather kickback and avoid the hassle, a full removal service or extra crew member can be hired instead.

How many trips do you count on for the move?

For long distances and a complete household, one is usually the answer. Full removal services in Auckland are usually best in this case.

What is your budget?

Are you looking to save as much as possible? Or are convenience and the extra help at this crucial time your preferred benefit?

Details of our Man and a Van service in Auckland

As the name suggests, you get one man and one van, no trucks or teams of people. However, if you prefer not to get involved in the removal process then an extra team member can be hired if need be.

This low-cost service is ideal for moving:

  • One-bedroom apartments
  • Studio apartments
  • Student dorms
  • Single items such as surfboards
  • Trade Me purchases delivery

Details of our Full Removals service in Auckland

This service provides two highly-trained team members and a 22 cubic metre truck which suits anything from houses and apartments to offices. It makes a lot of sense to take this option over a man with a van if it will prevent numerous journeys between locations. Also, should your own vehicle not be large enough, we can even collect your recently purchased furniture from store and deliver it right to your door.

This service is ideal for moving:

  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Furniture
  • Heavy Appliances
  • Store purchases delivery (large and heavy items)
  • Trade Me purchases delivery

You can book a man and a van service with us now that will guarantee that you are in the most capable hands and which will ensure a smooth and low-stress transition for you, your family, and your belongings.

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