How to Handle a House Move in Auckland

Moving has been rated as one of the most stressful experiences, and you will most likely go through it at least a couple of times in your life. The reasons for the stress include: saying farewell to your friends, packing up an entire house, and starting all over again somewhere new. So make sure to allow plenty of time for the transition, and what’s more, enjoy the process of setting up your brand new home.

Although you won’t be able to cut out all of the stress from your house move in Auckland, you can discover several ways to make it a much easier process, and it goes without saying that hiring experienced furniture movers will take a load off your shoulders.

How to cope with the stress of moving a house in Auckland

Part of the stress of moving is psychological. Things are changing and although the changes will be for the better, a certain sense of unease can surround the idea of moving. One way of relieving this tension of your house move in Auckland is to change your perspective of the move, connect with the positive aspects, and look forward to your bright future.

You can:

  • Research your new hometown to see where there are places for your hobbies and favourite pastimes.
  • Find out things about the town that distinguish it from other places. Why is it special? And why is it unique? Maybe you’ll discover some interesting facts that you can share with friends and family; involving them will ease your anxiety.
  • Pay a visit to the town to soak up the atmosphere, get the lay of the land, and also get the kids to visit their new schools so the move doesn’t feel too unfamiliar. You can even ask about school clubs and activities to get them involved with at a later date.
  • Experience the most fun idea on the list: throw yourselves a going-away party to share your greatest memories with friends before you leave.

How to go about planning the move in Auckland

To have some overlap in your moving out and moving in dates is not always possible or affordable, but this will allow you more time and flexibility when moving, and of course, they’ll be a lot less stress. There will be a little extra cost with this method but it can really be worth it.

In addition to the tips that you can discover here, Auckland movers ‘TransferVans’ also have many helpful tips which cover a variety of topics that will help you to plan and to put your mind at ease.

You should:

  • Allow yourself around one week of overlap if possible. You might be able to negotiate prorated rent for the small amount of time that you need, rather than paying a full month’s rent when only a fraction of that time is needed.
  • Plan ahead. If you are not able to arrange any overlap for whatever reason, make sure to start the process of moving early. Pack the unessential items as soon as you can.
  • Develop a strategy for packing, it’s absolutely essential. Be sure to implement an inventory of items, numbered boxes, and photographs of treasured belongings.
  • Make a schedule, track your progress, and don’t let the moving day sneak up on you.

How to hire great movers in Auckland

Hired movers are an essential component of a successful, stress-free move. Search for Auckland movers online that suit your needs and can help you move in your area. Check their reviews online to see if they are a reliable and friendly company that has experience with a variety of moves. Serious movers can handle a plethora of different furniture items from households and offices. These include hard-to-move items such as large and heavy appliances, and they also know how to take care of specialist, delicate, and antique furniture.

You can hire a man with a van in the Auckland area to help keep the costs down. Selling any things you don’t need anymore or by donating them to friends, family, and shops can all help you make this a viable option. Furthermore, by assisting with the move, you will speed up how long it takes to load and unload items.

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