Things to Consider When Choosing a Furniture Delivery Service in Auckland

Buying furniture is a great way to refresh the look of your home. The pieces you choose can often be large, heavy or delicate, so safely transporting them to your home can often be a daunting task. Because of all this, getting some help from professional furniture movers instead of trying to do everything on your own is most likely the best way to go.

It’s important to do your research in order to make a good decision on where to get assistance, so here are a few questions to ask before picking a furniture delivery service in Auckland that will ship your item.

Can the furniture delivery company meet your scheduling needs?

You need a company that is available when you need them. You need to find out if they can deliver whenever it suits you best. Many of us work strange hours, sometimes even on weekends, and we may not have somebody available to wait at home for the delivery. Moreover, it’s great to have a narrow delivery window to keep you from putting your plans on hold and having to wait around all day.

Summer and autumn seasons can be a busy period for movers so it’s especially important to plan ahead and book in advance before you find yourself stuck.

Transfervans is a company adept at furniture delivery in Auckland that has great customer service and years of experience. The normal business hours are from 9am to 6pm, but on occasions, there is availability for delivery from 6am up until 10pm, even on weekends.

Does the furniture delivery service have a lot of experience?

It’s very important to find out if a company has plenty of experience. The last thing you want is your expensive and delicate furniture to be at risk, so you should count on an experienced team for efficient and safe delivery. Professional teams understand the importance of reliability and it’s very important to them to keep their clients’ trust.

It’s good practice to check furniture delivery reviews from previous clients on their website. By doing this, you’ll gather information about their history and reputation, and you’ll be able to find out if any customers had specific issues in the past. Choose a company with positive reviews and many recommendations; watch out for companies which present warning signs such as reviews mentioning damaged furniture and late delivery.

Which areas of Auckland does the furniture delivery service cover?

The location of a moving company and where they are prepared to deliver is a key component of the decision process, so be sure to find this information out ahead of time. Deliveries requiring greater distances to be travelled may incur higher rates due to fuel expenditure and extra time being spent on the job.

Reputable companies will always ask for your home address and extra details concerning the task at hand which will help determine the best service for your needs. They should ask what floor the delivery will be on and if there are any stairs to navigate. The size and weight of the items also come in to play when calculating how many people are required for the job.

Is their pricing competitive?

For most people, the price of furniture delivery will be one of the top factors influencing their decisions. It’s a good practice to check through the inventory of items with your chosen delivery service before the final payment, make sure that everything you need transporting is included. Other costs to factor in include the materials used for safe transportation which protect your furniture from harm, and also your floors and walls upon delivery. Sometimes temporary storage is also required depending on the arranged schedule between the manufacturer, the moving company, and yourself.

Transfervans has a range of services to suit the size and amount of furniture that you have, and your pricing needs. All pricing is upfront so there are no nasty surprises. The following services can suit a variety of needs and offer competitive rates:

  • 1 man and a van from $61
  • 2 men and a van from $97
  • 2 men and a truck from $140

The van services are great for small trips and smaller, lighter items, and if you are willing to help out, will be very affordable. Alternatively, the truck service with its 2-man team is perfect for full-scale moves in Auckland. You can book furniture delivery in Auckland today with this trusted, reliable, and experienced moving company that has a number of positive online reviews.

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