How to Choose the Best Movers in Auckland

For a home move to go as smoothly as possible, hiring quality, properly equipped professionals to help you in the process is crucial. Now, certain moving companies just won’t be able to live up to your expectations, so it’s in your best interest to do your try and find the right people for the job. Here are the principal considerations when looking for the best movers in Auckland.

Check reviews of Auckland movers for credibility

In this day and age, credible reviews are easy to find, helping you shed some light about the quality of the service a company provides. Be sure to put your trust in an Auckland moving company that has predominantly positive reviews from satisfied customers, in addition to watching out for repeat complaints from customers such as:

  • Damaged or broken furniture
  • Little or no communication
  • Late delivery or a derailed schedule
  • Extra fees being added to the bill

Try to spot if a moving company is trading under several names, as this can be somewhat devious in the financial realm and can be a way for a company to disguise negative experiences and reviews. Look for the company’s local address and see if you can find information about their insurance and licensing. Any employees that answer the phone should mention the business’ full name within their greeting. Finally, ask friends, family and colleagues for any recommendations that they might have.

Keep an inventory and check for accuracy

An Auckland moving company that is truly reputable will make an inventory of all your items, as well as calculate the weight and bulk of your move to make sure that it will all fit into the hired vehicle and that each item can be managed safely. For example, taking advantage of the two men and a truck service in Auckland will see your belongings handled carefully with the right equipment from experienced professional movers and the vehicle will allow plenty of space for everything that you own.

Any estimation should be thorough, so make sure to check them for accuracy as this will be a telling sign of a company’s reliability and honesty - you don’t want to get involved with companies that may hit you with extra charges later on.

Any company that doesn’t note all of the items that you need moving should be off the mark. Reliable companies will always ask questions about what you need in order to move to your next home, so make sure to prepare a detailed list for the company’s knowledge as well as your own.

When moving day comes around, be sure to put any items to the side that will not be taken with the mover’s vehicle to avoid confusion, and in the meantime, read proper guides on small house moves in Auckland to help you prepare and pack without rushing last minute.

Take account of all the potential costs

Understand how mover’s insurance works and what their policies are regarding packing. There is the possibility that if you pack the items yourself, then the mover will not consider themselves responsible for any damage to them. Having said that, certain Auckland movers, as the guys behind TransferVans, will be happy to provide you with tips on how to safely pack your belongings for the move.

On the other hand, you can have the movers pack for you, which is especially helpful during this busy period of preparation and juggling responsibilities. In this case, make sure you check with the mover whether they charge for this service or if it is included with the move.

Your location can also be a factor to consider. If your street is narrow, it could be difficult or even impossible for a large truck to access. If you live on or are moving to a high floor, then movers will have to navigate lifts and multiple staircases, which might result in additional charges. You can reduce potential fees by planning ahead of time and by clarifying all of the cost factors in the beginning with the moving company.

Only pay a reasonable deposit

Moving companies that are serious and professional won’t ask for cash or a hefty deposit before starting to move your belongings, meaning that you should only conduct payments upon delivery. If you pay the full amount in advance, you could easily lose control over the quality and completeness of the move and open yourself up to exploitation.

Another way to protect yourself financially is by paying with a credit card, as your bank will be able to protect or reimburse you against fraudulent activity from all kinds of transactions, not just those related to moving.

To ensure safety, clarity, and reliability, you can book a delivery through Transfervans’ intuitive website, which covers a range of needs, allowing for the easy calculation of an all-inclusive, upfront price for moving your belongings.

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