4 Ways to Hire Help for a House Move in Auckland

When people are moving home, they often rely solely on generous and strong friends for help, but this can often be taxing - you can end up with broken belongings,and there is an increased chance of injury. For this reason, hiring the right kind of professional help can make this challenging and stressful task much easier to hande. From small to big moves, and from short to long distances, here are 4 ways that you can hire professional help for a house move in Auckland.

Hire cost-effective transport for small moves in Auckland

If you are minding your budget, you can opt for a man with a van, where you and your friends can also assist with the whole process in order to complete it quickly. The van option can save you a lot of money compared with traditional full moving services, which could see you wasting valuable space. The added benefit of hiring these professionals is that you can rest assured knowing that all of your belongings are in good hands.

This type of service would really suit moves for small apartments and dormitories, allowing all the necessary items to be transported for those all-important first days. An additional team member can also be hired should you wish to further speed up the process, or have the pros take care of large items that are a bit beyond your experience range.

Hire on-demand services for convenient storage and delivery in Auckland

Organising your move will keep you very busy - chances are there just won’t be enough hours in a day for all the packing, let alone loading and transporting all your belongings to storage. This can be especially difficult in urban environments with heavy traffic, parking issues, lifts, etc. Life is made much simpler and easier with on-demand services that can transfer your belongings to and from storage, pick up and deliver furniture from store, and deliver online purchases when it suits you best, even on weekends.

Certain companies offer ‘valet-style’ services for self-storage, taking it to a new level of convenience. The whole process is simple: on-demand storage services will stop by your home, pick up the belongings that you packed, and will then deliver them straight to your allocated storage unit. Collection of your belongings is made easy with services allowing customers to schedule pick-ups and returns via smartphone or with a few clicks on the company website.

Storage moves can be covered by Auckland movers such as Transfervans through their extensive network of owners, vans and trucks. If you’ve just come back from overseas and want something from storage straightaway, then one such company is perfectly suited to your needs, with the added benefits of great availability and very competitive pricing.

Hire the pros to take great care of specialist items

For valuable, heavy, and delicate items, DIY moves are simply not the way to go. Professional moving companies are best at handling these types of items, and it would be well worth your while to hire them, even for that one particular item.

Moving a piano with friends might be a particularly difficult and dangerous task for example. There is risk of injury, and there’s the risk that your precious and treasured instrument (possibly of great value) would become damaged. Fortunately, there are companies with years of experience in handling niche items with care.

Hire an experienced team with serious transportation for full moves

Professional moving companies are super important for handling larger moves and long distance moves from the beginning to the end. Movers can essentially do as much or as little as you would like them to do, putting the control of the schedule and the budget into your hands.

Auckland moving companies can:

  • Pack individual items
  • Box several belongings
  • Disassemble and reassemble furniture
  • Load and unload items
  • Safely transport all of your belongings

For this type of move, Transfervans’ two men and a truck service is the least stressful way of moving. This service can handle large-scale moves in your area, so you can relax knowing that the company’s professionally trained teams can handle any situation owing to their years of experience in the field.

You can get plenty of great moving tips from their website as well as a free quote for a house move in Auckland for a variety of needs and situations. Check them out today, and good luck with your move!

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